Welcome to Eyecycle Colorado!

Please see the Ride Schedule page for the latest information on rides this year.

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Visually impaired or blind tandem cycling is what makes our group fun… you never know where you will end up. Only kidding!

Our group consists of sighted “captains” (front seat of the tandem bike) and we team them up with a blind or visually impaired “stoker” (back seat of the tandem bike).

Photo of captain and stoker on bike crossing bridge
Captains and Stokers make up an Eyecycle team.

We schedule varied rides during our cycling season. Our ride schedule is from May through October. We ride approximately every other Saturday/Sunday for 20 to 40 miles, using the incredibly well maintained Colorado trails and try to share and communicate its natural beauty.

We sometimes venture far enough away to have overnight trips.

We offer a variety of rides for all levels of experience and fitness.

2019 Triple By Pass ride
2019 Triple By Pass ride

Eyecycle Colorado is a partnership of cycling, communication, and fun! Have a look around the site and you will see what YOU can become a part of. Take a couple of minutes to watch this video about Eyecycle and one of our members, Bob Bradler, courtesy of Alie Goldblatt. Alie’s father is Neil Goldblatt, a 2017 Eyecycle Board Member.

Eyecycle is a not for profit 501C3 all volunteer organization and funds are used to store, insure, maintain and update tandem bikes.