Become a Captain or Stoker

Please note: All Eyecycle participants need to be over the age of 21.

Becoming a Captain

So… you want to become a captain with Eyecycle and help the visually impaired enjoy the great trails of Denver. Great to hear, you’ll have the time of your life!

As a prerequisite, we do ask that you are comfortable on your own personal bike. Being comfortable on your own bike helps you be a more confident captain and will make your transition to a tandem bike easier.

photo of a captain and a stoker on a bikeBecoming a captain is quite easy. All you have to do is choose a ride on our Eyecycle Schedule page and then email our president Theresa about your interest in the ride and becoming a captain. She will get back to you about setting up a training ride, possibly even just an hour before the ride starts. You will also be assigned a stoker.

As a captain on a ride, you will also need to communicate with your stoker. You will give them important information about what is going on around you—sharp turns, starts and stops all need to be vocalized. Good communication will make the team run smoother and insure an enjoyable ride. Don’t worry, it becomes second nature very quickly.

We recommend you wear bikes shorts for a more comfortable ride. Please bring a water bottle and helmet if you have one. Otherwise we can loan one of ours to you.

Becoming a Stoker

Becoming a stoker is even easier than becoming a captain. All you have to do is choose a ride from our Eyecycle Schedule. We suggest wearing bike shorts. Yes, we know they look funny but in the long run you will be happy that you have them on to help against chaffing and soreness on your back side. We do have spare helmets for you to wear and you need to bring your own water bottle.

Captains and Stokers

The next step is to go to our Waivers page, print and fill out the necessary waivers. We ask that the waivers be filled out in advance so the ride can get started in a timely manner.

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