Ride Schedule

Eyecycle friends: The Eyecycle Board has met several times to discuss cycling this year and to ensure safety for all members. Here is how this season will work:

We will not have any organized scheduled rides, but captains and stokers can arrange rides on their own. Mo will be sending a list of captains to stokers with contact information and stokers can contact captains and make arrangements, however they would like.

The bikes need to be sanitized with the disinfectant in the shed before and after you ride, and all riders need to provide their own helmets and water bottles this year. Also all riders must complete the waver that will be in the bike shed.

All captains and most stokers should have Theresa’s number to either text or call when you will be riding and I will give you the code to the shed and any other information regarding masks. We have some Primal masks that both captains and stokers can use and take with them to reuse. The filters can be washed and reused. They are suppose to be easier to breathe while exercising and the filters on these masks are top grade. Please only take one and take it with you, we do not want used masks sitting around the shed.

There are shields if stokers would like them. We feel captains wearing shields just deflects air back to stokers, so stokers have option to wear a shield to prevent that from happening.

I hope some of you will get to ride and enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise and have some fun.  It is a difficult  time and for the BVI community, it makes recreation twice as hard.  The best practice is just to communicate with your captains and stokers to find the right comfort level that works for your particular situation.

Thank you for participating and supporting Eyecycle! ~Theresa