If we missed anything, feel free to email us and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

How do I become a captain?
To become a tandem captain, you should already be comfortable on a single bike and understand gears and shifting.  This way the transition to a tandem is easy.  Email the Ride Lead (find this info on the Ride Schedule page) for the ride that fits your schedule and that person will set you up with a training session, sometimes just an hour prior to the scheduled ride.  You can also contact president@eyecyclecolorado.org and we will set you up for training.  Be sure to fill out the waiver documents and either email or bring a hard copy to your first ride. We highly suggest  for safety reasons, new captains wear sneakers and do not clip in, until they are confident handling a tandem with a stoker.

How do I become a stoker?
To become involved with Eyecycle as a stoker, fill out the waivers and sign up for the ride that fits your schedule.  Go to the ride schedule page and send an email to the Ride Lead that you want to ride on that specific date.  They will be in contact with you and provide more details.  You will need a water bottle and it is suggested to have cycling shorts for comfort.  Bring your helmet if you have one or you can borrow one of Eyecycle helmets.

If I sign up as a captain, do I have to ride every ride?
No, just sign up for the rides that fit your schedule.  Even if it is just one that works for you, it is all appreciated.

Do I need to have my own tandem bike?
No, Eyecycle has a fleet of tandems in various sizes and models. There is sure to be one that fits your size and frame. We will transport the bikes to our ride start-off location.

I really do not cycle, is there anything else I can volunteer to do for Eyecycle?
Yes, contact  president@eyecyclecolorado.org for other volunteer opportunities on Ride to Work Day and Intro to Cycling Blind Youth Camp.

What type of physical condition  is required to ride?
We have all levels of biking ability. We will give you an idea of what type of ride it is on the Ride page, that is how many miles and if the ride is easy, medium or difficult. We want to all come together and enjoy the ride so communication is important for each tandem team. Each team can determine how far they ride before turning around.

What time do the rides start?
The rides generally start at 9:00 A.m. If they start at a different time it will be announced on the Ride Schedule.

On average how long are the city rides and how long are the other rides?
On the Ride Schedule Page we will give you an idea of how long each ride is. Our city rides usually last from 9:00 in the morning until around 1:00/2:00 in afternoon.  Sometimes we hitch the trailer full of tandems and travel out north, south or up the mountains.  These rides are longer due to travel time and should plan for morning start of  8:00 and  return back to Denver 5:00/6:00.

How does pairing of captain and stoker work?
The selection of captains and stokers is done by trying to put like body types together on a bike. We try to put small captains with small stokers and big captains with big stokers. If we are unable to do this we would rather have a bigger captain.

What do I need to wear?
What to wear is a personal decision. We recommend a pair of bike shorts. We also recommend a light weight top and a pair of sneakers.

Do I need to bring lunch?
As far as lunch goes we generally have had so much fun biking that we stop for a bite to eat on the trail or just before we stop so we can make sure we don’t wilt away. Our stops are at some type of eating establishment so it is best to have cash to make a fast transaction.

Do I need to bring a water bottle?
Yes, you have to bring a water bottle. You will be exercising and your body needs the fluids to keep working at an optimal level.

Do I need to bring a helmet?
You do not have to bring a helmet. Eye Cycle has helmets for a person to borrow but in the long run it is nice to have your own helmet.