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Eyecycle 25th Anniversary Party!

Lots of great conversations at the party!
Lots of great conversations at the party!

On October 18, 2019 hosted it’s 25th Anniversary Party at the Polidori Sausage plant on Dahlia Street. Many people attended and had a great time. Of course the food was superb and was cooked in the Polidori kitchen right off the dining room and lobby area. There was also a raffle for many cool items, so some lucky people got to leave with some neat prizes.

President Theresa Montano
President Theresa Montano and master of ceremonies extraordinaire.

More photos from the party can be seen on our Photos page.

Eyecycle Colorado Showcased by CBS4 TV

bikers riding tandemCheck out this great article and video CBS4 did on Eyecycle Colorado! Eyecycle’s very own Susan Gengler was in the spotlight this time. Way to go Sue!

From the video:

“Susan has been riding for eight years and doesn’t plan on quitting anytime soon. She just hopes more sighted volunteers will sign up to ride so more visually-impaired people will get enjoy the thrill of cycling in Colorado and make new friends.

‘It’s just a great way to just meet a wide variety of great people,’ Susan said.”

First Ride of 2018 Season!

Alumni from the University of New Hampshire joined Eyecycle members for their first ride of the 2018 season.  Thirteen sets of captains and stokers joined in the adventure to Chatfield State Park and back.  The season is fully underway now; check the schedule to find a ride or two that suits your timeframe and desire for fun!

Ride team for first ride of 2018

Meet Theresa Montano

Theresa Montano is President of EyeCycle Colorado, a consultant for the Blind Institute of Technology, and the Solutions Architect for Accessibility for the state of Colorado! She’s an absolutely amazing example of what the untapped talent the blind and visually impaired community has to offer the world!

Here’s two plus minute video showcasing Theresa, please enjoy it!

2017 Cheyenne Lion’s Club Ride for Sight

Every year Eyecycle participates in the Lion’s Club Ride for Sight, which is a fund raiser for screening preschool children for eye disease and for the Lion’s Eye Bank. This cold and rainy day on August 6,  we had 4 tandem teams and the fog and rain lifted for the duration of our ride.  Teams rode anywhere from 30 to 50 miles and once again we had an amazing adventure!  Many thanks to all the  sighted and non-sighted volunteers that make this happen! Please join us next year!Eyecycle riding teams

LightWorkers and EyeCycle

George McDermith makes news again! Here is a short video made by LightWorkers showcasing EyeCycle and George. There is no voice-over for the video, it’s a slideshow of photos of George with the following captions:

37 year old George McDermith was born 3 – 1/2 months premature,
which led to complications causing him to slowly lose his sight.
That hasn’t stopped him from doing the things he loves, like cycling.
In fact George just spent a week biking in “Ride the Rockies”
where he climbed more than 30,000 feet.
George is a part of EyeCycle Colorado,
a non-profit that helps blind riders enjoy cycling,
while staying safe.
Nothing stops George from pursuing his passion.

Click on the image to visit the video on Facebook.

short video about George on Facebook

Ride the Rockies 2017

Congrats to Eyecycle members George McDermith and Andre van Hall for participating in the 2017 Ride the Rockies!  George was interviewed in this Denver Post article, “At Ride the Rockies, tandem teams with a blind cyclist scale the peaks.

From George:

When I first began focusing on my health I was eager to find anything to keep me active. I was introduced to EyeCycle through an event, and decided to give biking a shot. Little did I know that one thirty mile ride would open for me one of the chief enjoyments of my life. This past June I participated in Ride the Rockies, which turned out to be a 363 mile ride involving 28,000 feet of climbing over the course of seven days. This feat took all the physical and mental energy I could put into it, and provides me with a deep sense of accomplishment. I could not do what I do on a bike without the support, of EyeCycle Colorado. Through the use of their bikes, captains, and camaraderie I have found something that fills a need both on the physical and emotional level. If I, who thought I was going to perish after my first thirty mile ride, can successfully complete Ride the Rockies then you can make positive changes in your life as well.