From the President: Tour de Cure 2014

WOW and CONGRATULATIONS to Team Eyecycle at the Tour De Cure on Saturday,  August 16th.

It takes a great deal of time and effort to prepare for a 100 mile ride or a 100K ride and we had fine representation from Team eyecycle. Team roster included Captains Jill Beckman, Rick Barcelow, and Scott Baumfalk.  Stokers included Susan Gengler, George Mcdermith and David Thomas. It was a hot day with temperatures in the mid 90 range,  and climbing around Carter Lake from the Boulder Fairgrounds was not easy as the heat became more and more intense.

CONGRATULATIONS to stoker athlete George Mcdermith for completing his first century ride on Saturday at the Tour de Cure with captain Scott.  It was a hot day and the course included elevation gain and of course distance. Captain Scott and George kept on going despite the heat and fatigue.  Fantastic job guys!

CONGRATULATIONS to stoker athlete  Susan Gengler for completing her first metric century  100K on Saturday at the Tour de Cure! Nice accomplishment with captain Jill.  Ladies rock!

CONGRATULATIONS to David Thomas for having another metric century under his belt. Dave is a great sport in the heat, rain and hail.  On a recent Eyecycle pancake ride, Dave and captain Randie got caught in a down pour that turned to hail and Dave is always rolling with the punches and smiling. This time he managed through the heat with captain Rick—thanks guys!

Much thanks and Eyecycle love to Team Lead Jill Beckman, for putting the team together, gathering up the bikes, changing out pedals, hauling  the tandems and making arrangements to ride.  It is a lot of work and everyone paid it forward  to the American Diabetes Association with contributions almost at the $2,000 mark to fight Diabetes, which is a leading cause of blindness.

Nice work gang!

Annual Auction and the Tour de Cure

August has been a successful and busy month for Eye Cycle. We had our annual auction on August 7th with Reggie Rivers and it was a blast! Reggie auctioned off a tandem cruiser, Manning jersey, and other great items. The silent auction was also a success. Many thanks to all those who partisipated, donated, and made the auction so enjoyable. Particular thanks goes out to our President Teresa for herding cats with this event. Pictures can be found at, as well as in our photo section on our Eye Cycle web site.

We were also involved in the 2014 Tour de Cure for Colorado. We raised funds to help find a cure for diabetes, one of the leading causes of blindness. We had three tandems out on the course, and completed both the metric century and century courses. The environment during the ride was electric and most encouraging. If you didn’t get the chance to partisipate this year, considering joining us next year for the 2015 Tour de Cure. Thanks to all those involved, and particularly to Jill for coordinating our team and involvement in the event.

On Facebook or Twitter? We are. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Consider joining us for a ride, we need stoakers and captains, and all are welcome. Please look at our schedule for the remaining 2014 season and come along for the ride of a lifetime!

Annual Auction

It’s almost time! The annual auction for Eye Cycle Colorado is on August 7th, from 7-9pm and you don’t want to miss it.

This year Reggie Rivers will be auctioning off amazing items, including a Peyton Manning jersey and a bike ride with Reggie. There will be other items for sale in a silent auction, and the tapas and wine cannot be beat.

Tickets are $40 per person, and between the amazing food, wine, and items you won’t find a better deal anywhere- plus, your money goes to support Eye Cycle Colorado, which brings the joys of cycling to the blind of Denver and beyond.

Any questions, or in need of transportation? Please contact We eagerly look forward to seeing you!


For any Eyecycle visually impaired riders who are  interested in trying tandem racing, here is some information on some  upcoming races which will have a tandem category.  Three races  coming up are Castle Pines Best on Hess June 14, State Time Trial Championships  in  Keensberg on June 28 and State Games in Salida on July 18th.   If anyone is interested in trying these races  you can go to for more information.  Click on Events, then Races only, then  scroll to the date and there is a flyer for the race to click on.   If you need any help in registering, please contact Randie at  If you have your  own captain you should start practicing.  If you need a captain,  please contact Randie.  Some of the racers on the Primal Racing  team have indicated that they may be able to help.  The sooner  you hook up with a captain, the better.  Bicycle Racing of Colorado  has agreed to waive some of the fees such as the one day fee if you  do not have a BRAC license, however, the standard racing fee for each  race will have to be paid by the participant.   There may  be more tandem races later in the season and if there is any interest   we will let you know those dates and places.   Any questions  you can contact Randie

Time Trials

As the cycling season gets going there are great opportunities for participating in time trials. These trials give you the chance to test your skills and give you feedback on how you are doing in reaching your goals.


There will be a time trial in Salida on Friday July 18th, as well as June 14 at Castle Pines Best on  Hess race, and June 28 which is the State Time Trial Championships in Keensberg.


If you are interested in being a captain or stoaker for these events please send an e mail to

First Ride of the Season

Eye Cycle had its first ride of the season on Sunday May 4th and it was a blast. Ten tandems went out, including several new captains and stoakers. We rode to the REI store in downtown Denver from the Colorado Center for the Blind in Littleton. On the way back we stopped for lunch and conversation. The ride was a great success.


If you are interested in joining us in a future ride please check out our schedule. To sign up for a ride just send an e mail to the captain for that week. If it’s your first time no worries, just let the captain know this and we’ll be happy to work with you to get you started in setting the road on fire.


General questions can be sent to

Share the love


Eyecycle Colorado invites you to share the Love!  It is time to share your love of cycling with our visually impaired and blind community.

We team up sighted captains  with blind stokers (seated on back of tandem) to ride as a team on recreational planned rides.

If you already love to cycle, then it is a gift to share the sport and Eyecycle will train you to be a captain in just one or two rides. We already own a fleet of tandems and now we just need the support of our sighted cycling friends to come and join the fun!

Please view our web site for ride schedule and contact information.

It is a fabulous year to support Eyecycle since we are celebrating our 20th year in Denver!  We will have many exciting rides  and events planned to honor Eyecycle.  the purpose to  provide quality of life to our disabled cyclists by providing this opportunity to enjoy the passion of cycling with a sighted partner.

Please check out our web site and learn to be a captain-