To Boulder and Back

This past Saturday Eye Cycle went on a twenty six mile ride from Superior into Boulder and back. Between dodging the crowds and riding through a parade a fun time was had by all. We stopped for lunch at Old Chicago’s after the ride. We had seven bikes, and several new stoakers and captains. Everyone had a great time, and despite our best efforts no one was lost for long. Thanks to Scott for being our ride lead.

We have three more rides prior to the end of the cycling season, on 9-27, 10-12, and 10-25. If you are interested in joining us please send an e mail to the team lead for the week, and we would love to have you along.

Interested in captaining but concerned about learning to ride a tandem? Training is straightforward and takes very little time. Please consider joining us, as we are in need of captains for the remainder of this year and next season as well. Please contact our President at if interested.