For any Eyecycle visually impaired riders who are  interested in trying tandem racing, here is some information on some  upcoming races which will have a tandem category.  Three races  coming up are Castle Pines Best on Hess June 14, State Time Trial Championships  in  Keensberg on June 28 and State Games in Salida on July 18th.   If anyone is interested in trying these races  you can go to www.coloradocycling.org for more information.  Click on Events, then Races only, then  scroll to the date and there is a flyer for the race to click on.   If you need any help in registering, please contact Randie at randiepolidori@comcast.net  If you have your  own captain you should start practicing.  If you need a captain,  please contact Randie.  Some of the racers on the Primal Racing  team have indicated that they may be able to help.  The sooner  you hook up with a captain, the better.  Bicycle Racing of Colorado  has agreed to waive some of the fees such as the one day fee if you  do not have a BRAC license, however, the standard racing fee for each  race will have to be paid by the participant.   There may  be more tandem races later in the season and if there is any interest   we will let you know those dates and places.   Any questions  you can contact Randie